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  1. hello James,
    Arnaud and I were checking out your blog. He says ”keep up the good work…I thought you were retired”.
    luv ya ,


  2. RIBBENTROP had a touch of class and was frequently invited to Rideau Hall for Tennis or Dances… and you omitted the story of how he became a “VON” and how Hitler adopted him and had all the regular Foreign office staff in the UNTER DEN LINDEN office up in arms as they considered him an UPSTART …… Sure and I’m no NAZI sympathizer but Ribbentrop was an OPERATOR “PAR EXCELLENCE”


    • In a brief story, I have to leave out a lot. Ribbentrop got his “von” when he was adopted in 1925 by his aunt Gertrud von Ribbentrop. You’re right that members of the German Foreign Service considered him to be an upstart with limited diplomatic ability. Even his Nazi peers considered Ribbentrop a bit of a joke. He was an sycophant with a smarmy charm. I don’t believe he was ever adopted by Hitler.Thanks for the comment.


  3. Hello James,

    Ken Ross here from the new Bank of Canada Museum (to open in 2017). I wonder if you could contact me; I have a request.


    Ken Ross


  4. James
    I just discovered your blog today (Feb.10th/2017) and wanted to suggest the Village of Fallowfield for a future article. It is beyond Bells Corners but before Fallowfield Rd. I have lived here for 25 years, and have heard this was a vibrant village, with many businesses and travellers stopping here, coming from Bytown on their way to the military fort in Richmond.


  5. Question: The Cup was for the ‘champions of hockey of Canada’…..who was the dumb ass who allowed the NHL to have it and award it to any American teams?


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